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Lending Rates Charged On Microfinance Loans


Average Lending Rate Of Last Quarter Ending Dec 2023

(minimum board approved rate is 21.00%)

Minimum Lending rate

(maximum board approved rate is 25.00%)

Maximum Lending rate

(As per Board Approved Policy)

Base rate

Product Wise Average Lending Rate of Last Quarter Ending Dec 2023

Product Average Lending Rate

Processing Fees

0.75% - 1.5% on loan amount (Excluding GST)
SCNL has the right to levy penalties on clients for delayed payment of installments. Penalty, if any, for delayed payment can be applied only on the overdue amount and not on the entire loan amount. No claims for refund or waiver of penal charges will be entertained by the company. Penalty, if charged, shall be treated as “Penal Charges” & shall not be levied in the form of penal interest that is added to the rate of interest charged on advances.


Weekly/Bi-weekly/Monthly (as per Borrowers’ choice)
Our Products

Our business is based primarily on the Joint Liability Group model, enabling us to provide collateral-free, microcredit facilities to economically active women in rural, semi-urban and urban areas, who otherwise have limited access to mainstream financial service providers.

Name Customer Profile Loan Size Loan Tenure Rate of Interest (On Reducing basis)
Income Generation Loan- IGL Uplifting the economically weaker section of the society by providing loans for income generating purposes like Agriculture, Transportation, Trading, and Production related business activities. INR 10,000 – 80,000 12 – 30 months 21-25 %
WATER & SANITATION (WASH) Enhance quality of life of members with loans for safe water & sanitation facilities INR 10,000 – 35,000 12 – 24 months 21-25 %
MSME Loan Loan offered to merchants, retailer, wholesaler, manufacturing, service providers, salaried, self-employed professional and Agri business. Loan offered to Self Employed Professional, Self-employed Individual / Non Individual Entities (Business Enterprise) INR 1 – 15 Lacs Max 10 Years 20% – 27%
Lending to Corporate Institutions & Micro Finance Companies Loan offered to Corporate Institutions & Micro Finance Companies INR 1 – 10 Cr Max 3 Years 12% – 22%

At SCNL, we have made social charter an integral part of our corporate culture, with community enrichment central to our business growth. In our quest to make a difference in the quality of the lives of our clients, we have developed and are offering customised loans to facilitate access to clean energy, better mobility, safe water and sanitation facilities, in addition to the business loans.

Name Customer Profile Loan Size Loan Tenure Rate of Interest (On Reducing basis)
SOLAR Strengthen our members with prolonged light facilities in electricity deficient areas for household and business INR 2,200-INR 4,000 6-9 months 21-25 %
 CYCLE Helping the members to enhance the efficiency and reducing the time of travel to earn their livelihood INR 5,600-INR 7,000 6-12 months 21-25 %
HOME APPLIANCES (Induction & Pressure Cooker) Enhance the quality of life of
members & to provide a substitute
for cooking purposes and improve
life style.
INR 2,100 – INR 32,000 6-24 months 21-25 %
 MOBILE To Upgrade client’s livelihood & to enhance communication bridge INR 11,499 – INR 21,499 12-24 months 21-25 %