HR Initiatives

HR Initiatives

Driving Success With A Smile

Satin Donation Drive

In collaboration with Save the Girl foundation, a donation drive was organized, where Satinities reached out with open arms to young orphan girls and donated them books, clothes and other old items in good condition. The heart-winning statement was made by a girl kid when she promised to study hard with the will to work with SCNL in her future.

World Environment Day

Satinities have a special love for plants and the green part of the system. The boisterous celebration of the plantation drive held on World Environment Day served as clear evidence of this. The employees shopped enthusiastically from the canopy, selling plants on the premises and planning a massive plant count.

Satin Ki Dhun

An employee engagement initiative for HO employees where interactive recorded sessions are played on the organization’s PA system. It is basically done on festivals with both senior and junior level management.
Kahoot Sessions during lockdown

Kahoot Sessions during lockdown

A wellness and engagement initiative for corporate and regional employees to make virtual interaction fun. Playing inter department quizzes for virtual employee engagement and increasing interaction during lockdown.

Satin Turns 30

Satin Founder’s Day
Thirty years of existence, Thirty years of succeeding amid diversity, Thirty years of acquired wisdom and ready for the future!

On the ocassion of SCNL’s 30th anniversary a low key affair event was organised with some employee engagement activities to boost the morale of the employees admist the tough times.

Satin Donation Drive

In collaboration with Rann Foundation, a donation drive campaign was organised for project EKJUT to help the needy where Satinites could donate books, grains, clothes, blankets and other old items that are in good condition.

HR Happy Hour

A corporate wellness initiative by virtual team building activity during lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic, to keep up the team spirit & lift employee morale. Thereby encouraging healthy competition and strong relationship among the team members.

Frolic Friday

To re-brush your knowledge and engage employee on every Friday with enjoyment of meal. HR Team asks 10-15 questions on various topics and every correct answer gets attractive prize.

Town Hall

At the tough time of Demonetization, our respected CMD geared up to take SATIN to new heights by sharing his thoughts & expectation in the event - Direct Dil Se.

Birthday Celebration

Celebrating Employee's Birthday to make them feel special and honored.

Satin Fiesta

An extravagant celebration for Satinites to commemorate the success of company accomplishments which included, being ranked 38th among the "Top 100 India's Best Companies to Work for in 2022" across all industries, being recognized as "Best in Microfinance Industry" by Great Place To Work Institute – India and Mr. HP Singh on being elected as Chairman of Sa-Dhan.
Award Celebrations for GPTW

Celebrations for Great Place To Work 2021

The Corporate HR Team was felicitated with the Certificate received from GPTW. The celebration was followed by Cake cutting and a few words by the CMD and the CHRO.
Wonder Women Week

Women’s Day 2021

Women’s day at corporate office was celebrated on 8th March’21. The celebrations started well in advance with “Wonder Women Week” appreciation cards that were collected during the week and given to female employees on women’s day. The female employees were conferred with titles such as – Satin’s Boss Lady, Sunshine, Smiling Face.. and felicitated with Certificates and a gift. The day was followed by an exclusive workshop – Unlock your Wonder Woman.

Diwali 2k20

In the light of the pandemic, to keep up the spirit of festival some activities were organised. This Diwali was to see the positive attitude of people light and brighten up much more than the lanterns, diyas and rangolis.

Sibling Superstar Contest

The essence of Raksha Bandhan was celebrated by encouraging the talent of employee’s elder/younger sibling.

Plantable Seed Flag Initiative

Chennai team initiated their eco - friendly cum plant-able seed flag distribution to the employees on occasion of the 74th Independence day. The team met the corporation workers to provide Plantable Seed Flags, facemasks and sweets.

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival of love and blessings. Indore Region celebrated the occasion with Ganesh Sthapana and Aarti.

Diwali Mahatosav 2019

When workplace becomes a fun place, it become SATIN family ! We are sharing few glimpses of SATIN Diwali Celebrations ! SATIN Diwali Celebrations in HO !

#SATIN turns 29 celebrations !

An extravagant 29th-anniversary celebration for SATINITES to commemorate the extraordinary success of the company through the years.

Independence Day

To celebrate the Spirit of Independence, traditional day with Tricolor theme was celebrated with attractive prizes to Best Dress Female & Male.

Women’s Day 2019

Let’s celebrate the amazing social, cultural and economic achievements of women. At SATIN, we are a #GenderSmart company, thanks to all #SATINWomen

Diwali Mahatosav 2018

Diwali Mahotsav was one of the mega event in its own it encomprises of Rangoli Decoration , Selfie Competition, Best Bay Decoration Award and Best Dress Competition

Satin Utsav

A grand event was organized to celebrate & honor the success and hard work that our employees had shown during the tough time of demonetization. The various categories of awards were Long Service Award, Best Employee, Best Region etc

Awards Celebrations

SCNL firmly believes in “Recognition is a key success factor” and in Satin Utsav, we awarded to all great contributors who has taken SCNL to new height.

Holi Celebration

Holi is a festival of colors and hence to create the vibrancy in the environment, employees were asked to wear traditional. Games like “bang your luck” were played to celebrate the event. Employees were enthusiastic and good amount of people participated in the game. Almost five team including Pantry was nominated for the game. Gujiya & Thandai were distributed to make event more traditional.

Thanks Giving Day

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to appreciate the people around you and SCNL employees also showered some love and thanked each other for valuable contribution.

Health Check-up

A healthy body carries a healthy mind. Our ongoing efforts to encourage employee wellness through regular check-ups have been of the utmost significance.

International Yoga Day

Satin celebrated International Yoga Day by teaching employees some yoga poses and educating them on the physical and mental health benefits of these exercises. It was a pleasure for Satinities to follow lessons from a co-worker who happened to be a yoga instructor that day.

Covid Vaccination Drive

We conducted the Vaccine Drive @ Satin on 15th June 2021. Corporate employees and their families were given the opportunity to get vaccinated on this day. Total 209 employees, support staff and their family members got vaccinated.

Doctor One Call Away

With the ongoing pandemic, even symptoms of mild cough and fever create a panic amongst people. Since the health and well being of employees is important, Satin collaborated with DocOnline for providing 12 hour emergency service to its employees for free consultation upto 3 months. This provides a go to for employees for any health related issues.

Satin Creditcare Foundation Sewa

With the moto of “We can Save Lives”, Satin has come up with oxygen concentrator facility for employees and their families looking at the shortage of the same in some of the cities. Not only this, they would also have an attendant to take care of them during the day, ensuring the best health and safety standards.

Satin Sahyog Policy

The Satin Sahyog policy was created in the initial phase of the pandemic during 2020 and was ammended in 2021. It aims at providing social security to the family of deceased employees by providing term life in case of normal or accidental death, EDLI, pension if the employee was the only wage earner; education assistance for upto 2 children; job for one member of the family and medicalim cover for 5 members of the family. This policy has boosted the employee motivation and strength towards the organisation and social security towards their families, helping build trust and satisfaction.
Wonder Women Week

Wonder Women Week

The Wonder Women Week was celebrated at the Corporate Office, wherein an appreciation box was placed at the Reception. The employees were free to put in appreciation cards in the box addressing to a female employee. These appreciation cards were given to them on Women’s Day.

Satin Ease

SCNL understands and works toward providing women employees who are a key part of our organisation, a stress free balanced working environment which caters to their mental and biological needs. As a token of thanks for all the hard work undertaken by them during their crucial days, SCNL has made thoughtful Work From Home provisions for them in the Satin Ease menstrual policy.

Employee Connect

“When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute”. SCNL organised various productive activities to keep its employees engaged during the pandemic such as immunity boosting day, branch cleaning, digital connect etc.

Eye Care Camp

To show to our employees that we care, eye checkup camps were organized in SCNL offices for employees across levels & verticals.

Training on Naturopathy

To beat the stress of our employees, a workshop was organised for all the employees based at Corporate office. It emphasised on Different issues of employees due to tough work life along with yoga positions to destress and get cured from diseases like Diabetes, spinal issues etc

Yoga Se Hoga Challenge

To incorporate the benefits of Yoga in our day-to-day life, HR team organised this challenge. It would help employees feel lighter, stronger & more at ease. Yoga helps in spiritual, physical & mental well-being in a holistic way.

Satin Step Up Program

A training initiative for the Branch Managers to help them move to the next level. It is a 6 day extensive classroom training program that helps employees brush up their leadership and soft skills.
Knowledge Sharing Session

Knowledge Sharing Sessions

An initiative of the HR team to hold Knowledge sessions internally for improving their skills and increasing their knowledge base.

PMS Managers’ Workshop

A workshop was organized for the Management team, delivered by our CHRO explaining the detailed process of PMS and how to be a good manager in terms of reviewing and providing feedback.

Satin E-Learning Portal

A consistent & standardized learning platform launched for self-development & skill upgradation during lockdown. This scalable portal will help to deliver effective & efficient learning modules to the employees in order to boost their knowledge.


SATIN Group organized a motivational & transformational program for BMs "PRIDE". The objective of this workshop is to learn effective leadership behaviors, empowering, motivating and inspiring the branch members by effectively managing work & personal life.

Mission & Strategy Meet 2020

SATIN successfully held its Mission & Strategy Meet 2020 in New Delhi-NCR. Management along with HoD was present to look back on a successful financial year, achieving USD 1billion AUM mark. The management team reported on activities and challenges in 2018-19 and planned activities and goals for 2020.

Escape velocity – A leadership development workshop

Makers and Movers of SCNL attended two day workshop organized with "SKOPE" ON " ESCAPE VELOCITY" .

Personal Effectiveness Workshop

SCNL firmly believes that investing in sharpening skill sets of it’s employees is like an investment in the organization. When everyone gets better, everyone delivers best.

Lead the way

The objective of this program was to help the RMs to develop the essential skills to handle, influence and motivate their team members effectively.

Winning through people

The objective of this program was to learn the difference between leadership & management, emphasizing upon sharp and effective leadership behaviors, empowering, motivating and inspiring the team members by effectively managing work & personal life.

Train the trainer program

This training workshop was developed for all the zonal trainers to enhance their presentation & facilitation skills. Training delivery practice through several rounds of presentations & training sessions.

SCNL Leadership Team

NLP assist leaders and management to get ahead of the gain line, is from the advanced language patterns and physiology techniques which reveal the deeper structure of meaning that influences our beliefs, thoughts and behaviour.