Satin Nurtures

Mr. Dinesh Singh Yadav


Mr. Dinesh Singh Yadav says,
With 12 long years of consortium with Satin, when I look back, it feels like as if I am still in 2008 when I joined at Hapur as a Community Service Officer. Time flies like the blink of an eye. After joining Satin, I was very nervous at first but the organisation taught me to turn my weakness into my strength. Satin has played a great role in shaping my life for a better future ahead. I am thankful for the time and commitment Satin has invested in training me with regular advice and constructive feedback. Working in a company where trust is commonplace is extremely relieving. Trust breeds loyalty, which breeds productivity. This is invaluable. Efficient workflow with compassionate ownership are the evident traits which I have learnt from Satin. My dedication and passion towards my work helped me to get a promotion as Branch Manager at Moradabad and thereby Territory Manager. I am grateful for always getting appreciated and recognised for all my initiatives.Today, I am looking after Begusarai region as Regional Manager.

Satin has a culture worth raving about with amazing co-workers. Our client base in Begusarai is mainly associated with agricultural and dairy activities. We assisted them by immediate relief activities, motivation and by spreading awareness about the new normal ways. Satin has taught me to always remain associated with the field and proactively solve the real time problems which helped me achieve good collection. This would not have been possible without the ability to understand and empathize. The organisation made me realise that it is imperative to create synergy from individual capabilities. There was a time when I had joined and was handling just few clients in a branch. I feel blessed that Satin gave me this opportunity and today I am managing around 20 branches of an entire region.

I have always believed that we learn from every person whom we come across in our life. Working here has enlightened me and opened up my mind to a whole new world. The confluence of ideas, thoughts, and opinions encouraged me to know and learn more. I search for the silver lining and practice gratitude with kindness which Satin has imbibed in me.

Mr. Sandeep Singh


Mr. Sandeep Singh says,
Satin is an organisation which transforms dreams into success. An MBA pass out just a decade ago has now been transformed into the Regional Manager of Aligarh by the firm. The journey was not easy but the thrill of enduring such tasks have always been my stimulus because Satin has always supported me with optimism and have made me self-sufficient and confident. I joined here in 2010 as a trainee Branch Manager at Hapur which was my first venture into the MFI industry and this was the first branch where we made more than 5000 active clients at that time. Slowly, I climbed the ladder to become the Territory Manager at Ujjain and eventually a Regional Manager. I gather motivation by knowing that my company believes in me and relies on my judgments. I have always been a lone wolf, but here I came to know the actual power of the mantra that Where there is unity there is always victory, which has now also been my mantra for success. I realized the magnitude of achievement possible with teamwork in Satin. It took me some time getting used to leading a team of varied individuals. Gradually I realised that it was more about dealing with their personalities and less about their skills sets. It was a challenge which I took up and gained valuable insights related to team building and motivation.

Today I enjoy working in Satin where I have learned how to turn your dreams into reality. The values I have endured here are worth taking. I feel invested and excited to a part of this organisation which support the philosophy of transparency without any insecurity and uncertainty. I appreciate that the company embraces diversityof thoughts and approaches varied demographics of the individuals. It has a clear and frequent process in place for recognizing the achievements of its employees. This shows that the organization makes it a priority to recognize performance and announce to everyone the value its employees bring. These little things drives my inner being to bring more to the table through my hard work and efforts.

Small wins. Thank goodness, not every elevation is Mt. Everest. We need little hills to climb, too-and the opportunity to lift our feet off the pedals and coast down the other side. Otherwise, work would be too burdensome. I am grateful beyond measure to the organisation for its encouragement, support, compassion and painting my world with such wonderful opportunities.

Mr. Sumit Tomar


Mr. Sumit Tomar says,

Life is all about new experiences and every new experience brings its own maturity and a greater clarity of vision. I was a guy from the telecom industry and set foot in the MFI industry in 2016 as a Regional Coordinator at Ludhiana looking into the data intricacies. Satin gave me the exposure to the world of data and how effectively it helps organisations to determine the cause of problems. Satin has always offered paths to upward mobility and shown its cares for the member’s professional development with success. I appreciate knowing that my bosses are committed to my succeeding and growing, and businesses benefit from the education and skills we bring to the business. Slowly, I got promoted as a Zonal Coordinator and Compliance manager, looked after the entire North circle where I learnt a very new skill of team handling. This was the first time I was handling a team and fortunately after my success in this filed, today I am looking after Ambala as its Regional Manager. Satin taught me that without collective team spirit and coordination, situations can turn really chaotic which can harm the productivity.

I really appreciate the outlook of the company in involving employees from all levels in decision making. Here the coherent mission and strategic plan of the organisation is well communicated to the staff. I love the fact that teamwork and collaboration are valued here.A healthy work culture and a competitive environment is my motivation to do a good job. Satin has a good work culture which promotes high peer to peer learning, genuine feedback, complaint redressal and suggestion implementation. I derive my energy from people and their behaviour around me. Hence, having people from whom I can learn and enhance my knowledge is apt for me. Also, promoting healthy rivalry within peers is something I look forward to. It encourages me to give that extra effort and gain recognition within the organization. It also tends to increases overall work efficiency. Satin is an organization which also cares about our personal well-being and this is also another big motivation.Hence an environment which looks at my holistic development and not merely at work- output, is my fruit of motivation.

Mr. Ramyash Kushwaha


Mr. Ramyash Kushwaha says,

I firmly believe that the two most powerful warriors are time and patience. It reminds me of the day in 2010 when I was facing the interview panel and was asked “where do you see yourself after 5 years?” Now, that I look back, I can say that I have achieved a lot in the past 10 years to become the Zonal Manager, handling 2 important regions of Bhopal and Sagar in Madhya Pradesh. It has been my honour and privilege to serve in such an organisation where hard work and dedication is always valued across all the hierarchies of management irrespective of the designation. I initially joined as a Probationary Branch Manager in Vidisha where I helped to establish Bhopal region. I have learned new things across various job roles in the organisation such as being the Regional Coordinator in Mathura with unique experiences which helped to mould me and make me fit for any challenge that may come. I am highly inspired by the values of the company that chisels the best in one. I believe that one should do their best always even if no one is noticing.

It’s so comforting to know that I have such caring mentors surrounding me. Knowing this, I did not had to worry about work throughout the ordeals and it has made it much easier to work through things and move forward. Satin has always been instrumental to shed light upon my achievements and played an important role to help me reach heights of success. I look forward to all of the excitement and challenges that lie ahead. I feel more confident and empowered for the latitude given to me by the company. Being noticed for a job well done is both gratifying and validating. Thanks to Satin for taking the time to notice the little things and always find a way to offer a compliment or a word of encouragement. The sincere accolades motivates me to do more and make me feel like a valued member of this team, and for that I am grateful.

Being able to achieve my goal is so fulfilling to me both personally and professionally. I appreciate the role Satin played in helping me get here. I’m humbled by my firm’s confidence in my abilities. And, I promise to continue doing my best at all times. Thank you for believing in me.

Mr. Lal Das Singh


Mr. Lal Das Singh says,

There is a Sanskrit phrase called ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ found in Hindu scriptures which means that the whole world is one family; I believe Satin is one family. A family is a compass that guides us, it is the inspiration to reach great heights and our comfort when we occasionally falter. I joined the organisation in 2009 as Assistant Branch Manager in Bulandshahr. This was my first experience with MFI sales where I was given the target to make 250 new clients. I was strained about how I would do that. But, I could not believe that I made 675 new clients with the guidance of the company. I am grateful for the insights and advice. I have travelled across various geographies and Satin gave me the opportunity to understand various client demographics. Slowly I progressed to become the Territory Manager at Shahpur and today I am looking after Bilaspur as a Regional Manager.

From mentoring new team members to counselling employees’ issues with diverse professional backgrounds, from supporting colleagues unconditionally to helping those facing workplace blues; thanks to Satin for showing me the technique to crack the whip. Assigning work tasks to me that were sometimes quite difficult allowed me to have the chance to expand my knowledge and build confidence in my abilities. This helped me to strategize innovations to eliminate the PAR from my assigned regions such as Bareilly, Allahabad etc. I have always got respect by the company for my efforts to reduce the PAR clients as much as possible. Thank you for transforming my mistakes into valuable lessons. The kind leadership has made me more productive and converted all of my skills into strengths. Still today, whenever any problem arises with PAR, it’s me whose name strikes at the first into the mind of my seniors. I like the approachable environment of the organisation where I am so free to directly discuss things across all levels of management without any dither. Words can neither qualify nor quantify how helpful the organisation’s guidance and advice has been. I consider Satin as my own company and try to do the best so that my company becomes the best in the industry.

All my success and knowledge, I owe to Satin. The thoughtfulness and generosity empowers me and encourages me to do my best, always. I feel blessed to work for a company that values its employees and is consistently generous and compassionate. My heart is filled with gratitude.

Mr. Abhishek Srivastava


Mr. Abhishek Srivastava says,

Satin in an organisation with amazing and vibrant people. I have worked with some of the best personalities of the industry here. The organisation is true to its staff and treats everyone with dignity and respect. I joined in 2013 as Regional Coordinator at Hapur looking after the data intricacies and gradually learned more about the business. Currently, I am serving as the Regional Manager of Gorakhpur region. I’m thankful that my company encourages change and growth, not only for the company, but on a personal level as well. Satin taught me the importance of information flow, communication channels and data analysis upon our business and I try to use all my learnings to achieve organisational goals.

I appreciate the streamlined and smooth work procedures and processes which make our work seamless. The outflow of information from HO to field is efficient and I admire the fact that our bugs are solved on real-time basis by the support team. These things make Satin stand out from the crowd. I am thankful to Satin for giving me the chance to work for it. I love the philosophy and gracious nature of the company which works so hard with dedication for its employees. Gratitude really stems from meeting individual needs and connecting on a personal level, whether it’s taking into account someone’s commute, or acknowledging and supporting individuals’ personalities and differences. Some people enjoy the collaboration and creativity, others are thankful for autonomy. I am grateful for all the above. I love the prompt actions, amicable bond between HO to RO and encouragement from the seniors motivates me and propels me to do the best.

Mr. Aditya Kanrar


Mr. Aditya Kanrar says,

A journey down the memory lanes reminds me of the time in 2016 when I joined. I had never thought that the company would give me so much respect and support to grow in this field. I started my career in Satin as Zonal Coordinator for East circle where I was responsible for developing technical solutions to company’s problems. Satin gave me the chance to learn analysis and communication techniques, business analysis tools, critical thinking and relationship building skills. Along with these, I always had an interest to understand the ground realities of the business, I am glad that my company recognised my zeal and now I am looking after the Durgapur region as its Regional Manager.

Working in a dynamic industry like microfinance calls for numerous challenges which Satin taught me how to face. I love it when someone calls me to help with an enormous problem that seems to have no conceivable solution. Challenges like these bring out the best in me. These things sharpen the mind, causing me to set priorities, so I focus on the most important things and let other stuff go. Overcoming these challenges and the sense of achievement has been my motivation to do good work. And, as we progress in our career, experience makes us stronger, so we can take on even more difficult challenges. Satin also gave me the opportunity to lead a team and it’s great to know that by synergy of our brains, we can come up with ideas that none of us could ever conceive separately.

I am truly thankful to have a job that provides regular challenges and incredibly rewarding career. I am grateful to have collaborated with so many wonderful people at Satin. Each individual within the company is an incredible driving force and when we all work together as one mechanism, moving in the same direction, amazing accomplishments can be achieved.

Mr. Amit Kumar


Mr. Amit Kumar says,

Having served previously in many organizations, I thought Satin would also be the same. But, my perspective completely changed after joining here. It is a company with smart, inquisitive, creative and awesome people, which makes a huge difference in how one sees a job. I joined the organisation in 2015 at Katihar as its Territory Manager and now serving as the Regional Manager of Agartala region in North East circle. I can recall an incident from the past few years back when my father was seriously ill and I had to take leave for 2 months from the company. The kind of support I received from the company is appreciable both emotionally and financially. All the protocols were seamless like insurance claims etc. I did not had to make a single call to ask for it. When my company treats me like its own part, why would not I do my best to achieve great heights?

Satin has always appreciated my inputs and opinions, listened to what I had to say, and added its opinion to excel as a team. I like the concern the company shows towards my well-being. I am thankful to the organisation for recognising and acknowledging my efforts. It has an environment that fosters creativity. The company has given me the opportunity and honest feedback that allows me to grow. I am thankful to have the opportunity to lead a team that is truly passionate about the work that they do. I am often blown away by their talent and passion. Satin has allowed me to make autonomous decisions and detailed plans of how to accomplish goals. The kind of support, trust and confidence the company has in me boosts my motivation to work.