Usha Devi
Aged 40 years, Usha lives in Baniyapur, Chapra region with her 3 children and husband who was practicing in a private homeopathic lab. Due to lack of financial support they were unable to open their own homeopathic medical store which made Usha Devi to connect with SCNL. Her first loan of Rs.15,000 was sanctioned in 2013 from which she opened a homeopathic medical store and applied for the next loan cycle in 2014 for Rs.25,000. She invested this money in the store to increase the stock. Her husband feels very proud of her as she not only helps him in the store but helped him in fulfilling his childhood dream. The increased income has not only improved their financial stability but her children are pursuing better quality education with the eldest one preparing for medical exams. The family believes that with the financial help from SCNL they will be able to fulfill all their dreams.