Suman Lata
Suman is a 38 year old resident of Amethi, Allahabad region and lives with her husband and 2 children. Suman use to make sweet boxes. However, as she could not afford to buy the requisite material she use to work for other people. The earnings were low and she could not afford the expenses that revolved around family and education of her children. She then got associated with SCNL and her first loan was sanctioned for Rs.10,000, with which she bought raw material for making sweet boxes and sold them directly in the market. She then availed another loan of Rs.15,000 in second cycle, Rs.25,000 in third cycle and presently Rs.30,000 in forth cycle. She invested all this in her business and today she supplies boxes in most of the shops in the nearby market and earns good income from it. Seeing her hard work and success, her husband also started helping her and both her children go to school without worrying about the tuition fee.