Seema Sharma
Aged 28 years Seema is a resident of Murarji Nagar, Nanital, Muradabad region where she lives with her husband and a child. Before taking loan from SCNL, she did stitching at home while her husband did embroidery work in other shops. “Our family income was too low and we were stressed for our child’s future” she says. Seema then got associated with SCNL 2 year back and from the first loan of Rs.15,000 purchased two sewing machines and started her own boutique. With the increased income she paid off all the loan instalments on time and availed the benefit of second loan of Rs.35,000 with which she purchased ladies suits and started selling them as well while she was still doing stitching. Seema and her husband make Rs.600 - Rs.800 per day now and are able to save more towards a secure future for their family.