Rekha Patel Aged 38 years is a resident of Amalaha village in Bhopal where she lives with her husband who does part time motor wiring work and her three children. Rekha's financial position was not very stable with her husband's mere earning of Rs. 50- Rs. 60 per day that was too low to survive for a family of 5 members. She then got associated with SCNL three years back and her first loan was sanctioned with which she bought a buffalo. With her second loan and third loan she bought two more buffalos and now supplies milk to a local dairy in her region. Rekha now earns about Rs.1100- Rs.1200 per day and looking at her growing business her husband too helps her in morning and evening although he continues to do his part time motor wiring work. Rekha was determined to empower her children as well and helped her elder daughter to open up a beauty parlour in her locality. Her younger daughter is taking her higher education and goes to a college while her youngest son studies in a school. Rekha's family today feels proud of her achievements and thanks SCNL for not only empowering her financially but also for educating them about the importance of both education and literacy.