Pushpa Devi
Aged 37 yearslives in Uttar Pradesh with her husband who is a daily wage worker and 3 children. Pushpa’s financial position was unstable with her husband’s mere earning of Rs. 150- Rs.250 per day that was not enough to survive for a family of 5 members. Thus, she got associated with SCNL seven years back and her first loan was sanctioned with which she bought a sewing machine. With her second, third &fourth loan she bought 5 more sewing machine. Today, she owns a training centre and teaches sewing in her area. Her monthly earnings are about Rs.8,000- Rs.10,000 in addition to the daily wages that her husband earns. Pushpa’s son now studies in a college while her daughters study in a school. Pushpa’s family today feels proud of her achievements consider her as there role model.