Meera Devi
Is a house wife and has 4 children. Her husband is a daily labour with a mere earning of Rs. 200 per day. Meera Devi’s financial condition was not stable, her children were unable to get education nor were they able to get proper medical treatment when they were sick. Meera was then introduced to SCNL by her neighbour and got her first loan of Rs. 15,000 to open a Cosmetic and Bangle shop. As her business started taking momentum Meera started to save money and repaid her entire loan. She then applied for a second loan of Rs. 30,000 for expansion of her business. Today, Meera owns not only a Bangle shop but also a small poultry farm close to her bangle shop. Meera is a happy women today, her family lives a comfortable lifestyle, her children go to school and her husband helps her with the business.