Malti Bai aged 35 Years lived in Makronia, Bhopal with her husband and three children. Malti got associated with SCNL about 2 years back to get financially independent and provide her children with better education and future. She then came to SCNL where a contribution of Rs.15,000 was given to her to open a small grocery shop in Markonia. Malti worked hard and was determined to improve the financial status of her family. Soon her business started to grow and she took another Rs. 25,000 from SCNL to put more stock in her shop and expand it. Today, Malti’s three children study in private schools and she has also kept a helper in her newly expanded grocery shop and gives him a monthly salary of Rs.1800. Malti has proven to the world that true charity is not by giving bread or money but providing employment opportunities to those who are need.