Lalita Devi
48 years old Lalita Devi now lives happily in Bhagwanpur, Shamastipur, Bihar with her family of 5 member. However, things were not so rosy 2 years back when she had a very small kirana (grocery) shop whose sale was too low due to unavailability of stock. Lalita then came to know about SCNL’s JLG loan procedure and applied for her first loan in 2013 where she received Rs.12,000. She invested this amount in her shop and purchased more stock which in return increased the sale. Soon she repaid all the loan instalments on time and applied for second loan of Rs.25,000 which she again invested in her shop and expanded the business further. Presently, Lalita Devi earns good profit from her kirana shop and is supported by everyone in her family.