Lalita Devi
A 45 year old resident of Siwan (Chapra), Lalita lives with her husband and children. Lalita’s husband was a labourer and his earnings were too low for survival. She came to know about SCNL through an acquaintance and was informed about the Joint Liability Group loan that was provided to women for empowerment. Lalita discussed with her husband and soon formed a group of 15 members in 2012. In the first cycle she received a loan of Rs.12,000 to which she added Rs.1,000/- from her savings and bought a cow. Since both Lalita and her centre maintained a good repayment track, they availed subsequent loans from SCNL. In the third cycle, she got loan of Rs.30,000 to which she added another Rs.15,000 from her savings and bought a buffalo. Today, she is not only supplying milk to many houses and earning a good income but her children are also going to good schools and her family is proud of her.