Kuldeep Kaur
Aged 33 years lives in Virak Khera village, Malet, Ludhiana Region with her husband and 2 children who were studying in government school due to financial crisis at her place. Kuldeep was constantly worried about her children's future and one day decided to start her own business of tailoring. Kuldeep got in touch with SCNL and her first loan of Rs. 15,000 was sanctioned with which she purchased a sewing machine and started tailoring. Soon Kuldeep started teaching tailoring to other women in her neighbourhood who belonged to the same social strata. With her next loan of Rs.30,000, she expanded her business. Today, Kuldeep feels financially secure and contributes equally at home. Her children now study in a private english medium school. She says "SCNL helped me in building my life and I want to return back to the society what I have learnt from SCNL. This is the reason I help women in my own small way by imparting them tailoring skills".