Aged 29 years, Kavita is a resident of Garh, Hapur Region and lives with her husband and 4 children. Kavita and her husband were both labourer and made mats for other people. As they were both very good in making mats they wanted to start their own venture so that they could sell handmade mats in the market at a better price and increase their income but local money lenders charged flat 2% as monthly interest rate which was very high. Kavita discussed her concern with a friend and got associated with SCNL in 2012. She received her first loan of Rs.10,000 and started her independent venture of making mats and selling in the market at a better price. Subsequently, she further applied and got Rs.20,000 and Rs.30,000 in the second and third loan cycle with which she expanded her business. Today, Kavita and her family are earning a good profit margin and able to make enough mats to sell in the market. Her family is very supportive and are very happy with the product and services provided by SCNL.