Indu Devi
Aged 42 years is a resident of ChhotkaTelpa village in Chapra, Bihar. Indu Dev got associated with SCNL in 2012 when a small loan amount of Rs.10,000 was given to her to open a Grocery shop. In 2013, she again took loan of Rs.15,000 to expand her shop.Soon she started making profit and wanted to invest her earned profit in another business. Thus, in 2014, she took a loan of Rs. 25,000from SCNL along with her earnings added to this amount she opened up a tent house. In 2015, to grow this on a larger scale, Indu Devi took yet another loan of loan of Rs.30,000 from SCNL. Indu Devi is a source of inspiration to her son who swears by his mother’s determination and will to never give up.