Deepa Rani
Aged 36 years is a resident of Chandoushi, Sambhal, Muradabad region and lives with her husband and 3 children. Prior being associated with SCNL, Deepa used to stitch and do hand embroidery at home while her husband was a mistri. The family earning was too low and surviving on such meagre income was difficult. She then came to know about SCNL in 2013 where her first loan of Rs.15,000 was disbursed, with which she purchased a sewing machine and opened her own small stitching shop where she started giving training to girls as well. In 2014 she applied for a higher loan of Rs.30,000 in her second loan cycle from which she bought an auto rickshaw for her husband. Deepa’s family income has increased considerably with both stitching, teaching tailoring and her husband’s auto-rickshaw. They are happy and thankful to SCNL for helping them in desperate times.