Aged 43 years lives in Shivpuri, Ambala Haryana with her husband and 3 children. Bhagwati got associated with SCNL about 2 years back to help her family be financially and socially independent. She then came to SCNL where a contribution of Rs. 15,000 was given to her to start a small sewing centre. Soon her business started to grow and she took another loan of Rs. 25,000 from SCNL to add stock in her shop. Today, Bhagwati owns 3 sewing machines, an interlock machine and purchases cloth to sell school uniforms. She also has 2 ladies who help her in her shop on a monthly salary of Rs. 2,500 each. Bhagwati has proven to the world that true charity is not by giving bread or money but providing employment opportunities to those who are need.