Bhagwan Dai
Aged 38 years lives happily in the state of Uttar Pradesh with her husband, two sons and a daughter. But in Feburary 2009 her live took another turn and their financial condition had a set back and soon they hardly had any financial means to take care of their needs. Her sister in-law was already associated with SCNL and soon Bhagwan Dai too got associated with SCNL's JLG Loan wherein she was provided an initial amount of Rs.10, 000 by SCNL to start a small scale work of selling Peanuts & Ladoos (Indian sweets). Today, Bhagwan Dai has expanded her business and in addition to Peanuts and Ladoos she also sells Chana (grams), Chaulai Ladoo, Parmal Ladoo and Tikkiya.