Aarti Goswami
Aged 23 years and is a resident of Rajiv Nagar, Ujjain region where Aarti lives with her husband who is a labourer and 2 children. The couple intended to start a small business of their own but due to financial crisis they were unable to do so. Few months later they came to know about SCNL and Aarti applied for loan with her group and got the first loan of Rs.15,000 in 2013 with which she started business of manufacturing disposable bowls. She was able to pay all the instalments of both her first and second loan cycle on time. With the third loan cycle SCNL disbursed her a loan of Rs.40,000, with which the couple expanded their existing business and made good profit. The increased business in turn increased their household income. This has provided them with a better standard of living and financial security to the entire family.