Social Performance Management

(SPM): Social performance is the effective translation of SCNL’s social mission into practice. SPM department at SCNL is working to serve its clients more effectively, improve overall operational performance and report to external stakeholders.


Social Performance Assessment

INTERNAL ASSESSMENT: SCNL has developed methodologies using market research on the importance of different social performance factors and relies on the experience and judgment of our in-house microfinance practitioners and experts. Indicators are developed to gauge the effect of microfinance in terms of improving the lives of target population. In order to demonstrate the social impact we aim at proving that without microfinance the same results could not have been achieved. We intend to measure our social impact by conducting 'Impact Assessment Survey periodically. Indicators are developed to gauge the measures of responsible financing keeping in view, Smart campaign's CPP principles. SCNL understands its responsibility towards clients and employees and therefore acknowledges its compliance through periodic assessments.

Survey for clients

  1. Impact Assessment
  2. Need assessment
  3. Exit Client interviews
  4. Client satisfaction survey

Survey for employees

  1. Employee Satisfaction Survey
  2. Female Employees Satisfaction Survey

EXTERNAL ASSESSMENT: SCNL collaborates to work with industry associations and rating agencies to conduct social assessments and surveys on periodic basis.

  1. The Smart Campaign, a global initiative to incorporate strong client-protection practices into the microfinance industry has recognized SCNL as Client Protection Certified for meeting strong standards of client protection and awarded us “SMART Certification” for commitment to client protection, in July 2016. Prior to undergoing certification, the institution was evaluated by the Smart Campaign on their practices and contributed to the development of Campaign tools to help advance the sector.
  2. EDA Rural Systems conducted an assessment for SCNL to measure the organization’s social impact and devise a plan for better integrating measurable social performance in the future.
  3. SCNL partners with MIX MARKET and HIVOS in their initiative ‘Voice of the Client’ to measure client satisfaction.

Social Initiatives

At SCNL we believe that the community enrichment is a key to open a door of success for every organization in the business today. Social performance is the effective translation of an institution’s social mission into practice. The social value of SCNL relates to the way financial services improve the lives of financially excluded clients and their families and widen the range of opportunities for communities.
To create value we have been focusing on:

  1. To serve increasing number of excluded people in an ongoing, sustainable way both by broadening and by deepening outreach
  2. create benefits for microfinance clients
  3. measures to reduce vulnerability of our clients

Henceforth, SCNL’s commitment is not only towards financial performance but the organization has a dedicated task force that ensures SCNL’s social performance as well.
SCNL’s key focus areas are:

  1. Women empowerment
  2. Financial literacy
  3. Education
  4. Health and hygiene
  5. Other Initiatives
Focusing on health and hygiene, financial literacy trainings, child education and women empowerment, capacity-building and livelihood trainings, there are several such initiatives that are carried out across regions and states, such as, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarakhand etc. We adopt numerous modes of conducting such trainings/awareness workshops & campaigns: Focused Group Discussions (FGDs), branch-level workshops, centre-leader workshops, Media Workshop, advertisement campaigns in national/regional newspapers etc.

Sensitization and Awareness amongst clients and their families: We conduct regular visits in the field where women are made aware of the ongoing Government schemes and policies for them. The Social Performance Team ensures that our clients send their children to school, maintain proper hygiene and have a regular savings account in a Bank. At SCNL, we hope to make our clients aware of the daily practices which they can adopt for better lifestyle. In past, we have also conducted awareness camps on Cancer and “World No Tobacco Day” along with organising health camps, eye check-up camps and Uttrakhand Disaster Relief Camp.

Centre Leader Workshops: SCNL has always been devoted for the cause of welfare of our clients. SCNL regularly conducts Centre Leader Workshops with its clients, in different branches. The centre leader workshops not only give us an opportunity to make our clients more empowered through inculcating financial literacy but also inculcate leadership skills in them.

Financial Literacy Program: SCNL believes that only monetary assistance is not sufficient for women & their families to achieve quality in life but it is essential to build their capacity. Therefore, SCNL provides an enhanced platform for our clients from time to time by organizing workshops, trainings & awareness programmes at grand level, so that clients improve their knowledge & skills and utilize their money purposefully in better way. A three day Comprehensive Group Training (CGT) programme for all our clients, is conducted to create awareness about the need for being financially included; about the financial product that the company is offering, interest rate, instalment amount, loan processing fees, insurance. During the training, clients are made aware of the need for observing financial discipline, importance of timely repayment and consequence of defaulting any instalment.

Grievance Redressal

Sparsh: It is a formal mechanism for Clients' Grievance Redressal where SCNL clients can register their complaints, get their queries solved and give suggestions through a Toll free number. Our emphasis is on providing quick and apt redressal to clients' complaints.

Atoot Bandhan: SCNL has a formal Employee Grievance Redressal Helpdesk and Toll free number, by the name of “Atoot Bandhan”. This help desk ensures that the employee grievances are given effective responses and speedy Redressal.

New Product Development

SCNL acutely understands the need of its clients and continuously working on developing new financial and non-financial products. SPM has a role to conduct survey, analyse needs, develop products and pilot the same before finally rolling out. Recently some innovative loan products for Solar Lamps, constructing a water and sanitation facility at the household level have been launched at a subsidised rate of interest.